Meet Your Guide

“My purpose and passion is to bring healing and empowerment.”

- J’Vanay

J’Vanay is a vibrant spirit with a passion for nature and traveling. She is a certified yoga instructor licensed to direct and curate yoga and fitness-oriented programs geared towards personal goal accomplishment. She strongly believes in the limitless potential of an individual given the will and desire to be greater today than they were yesterday. ​


She earned her BA in Accounting and Business Analytics at Siena College. She leverages her education to get a well-rounded perspective of the holistic needs of the individual ranging from lifestyle needs like finances, routine building, risk management, and time allocation. J’Vanay is competitive and prioritizes always achieving at her highest level. 


J’Vanay is also a respite worker which attributes to the development of her level of attentiveness and empathy towards working with an array of people. As such, she is trained in CPR, crisis management and program development.

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